Free software is computer programs that are free of charge, as opposed to paid, proprietary (commercial) software. The Free Software Foundation defines “free software” as “open source software that can be modified, used and shared without restriction.” Free software includes the Linux kernel, BSD operating system, the GNU Compiler Collection & C library and the MySQL relational database software and the Sendmail mail transport agent and the Blender 3D computer graphic software.

It is important to note that downloading paid software without having first purchased it is a crime. This is known as piracy, and it deprives developers of revenues. It may cause the software to fail in the future or become unsupported. Downloading pirated software from non-official sources may result in malware and virus infections.

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FileHippo will sometimes ask you to install another program before the one that you’re looking to install. However, it’s clearly labeled and easy to bypass. It doesn’t also promote fraudulent software. It also has a huge archive of older versions of many programs. This is useful when you’re in the process of upgrading older software or are worried about stability issues with the latest version.